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Windbreaks & Hedges

Since 1977, Blake Nursery has advised customers on how to plant windbreaks and shelterbelts that break the wind and offer privacy and beauty and bio-hedges with an emphasis on attracting pollinators and birds. All three of these screenings will offer year-round, seasonal beauty and enjoyment if planned correctly. They will also enhance the value of your property. We’d be happy to advise — just ask! See our Windbreak Planting Tips article for more information.
Windbreak Illustration
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Bare-root Windbreak Catalog

Our bare-root prices are very reasonable because the plants are small, young bare-root plants that are purchased in multiples of 10 or 25.

10 plants is $49
25 plants is $105
If fewer plants than bundle sizes are desired, cost is $6.50 each.

If possible, please call ahead to reserve your order so we can have it ready for pick up. Allow a week or more for orders larger than 100 per variety. All orders must be picked up no later than May 24th.

There is no guarantee on bare-root plants, although we deal only with the hardiest stock and ensure that all plants are healthy when they leave our nursery.
Windbreak Illustration
All plants must be picked up in person or delivered by nursery staff.
We do not mail plants.
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