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What The Heck is a Bio-Hedge?


There are numerous reasons, and all of them positive. Read on to learn more:

Variety: Instead of just one species, say Lilac or Caragana, a bio-hedge mixes different plants together in a zesty arrangement of color and form. Deciduous (lose their leaves in fall) can be mixed with evergreen plants for ever-changing, never-boring interest.

Attract Wildlife: Species with shade-giving leaves, flowers, fruits, nuts, and seeds attract birds and other wildlife, making your bio-hedge a natural place to feed, nest, find shelter, and rest.

Wind Protection/Energy Savings: There’s no doubt about it, established hedges provide shelter from biting wind, thereby cutting fuel costs in your home and making life a lot more pleasant outdoors for people and livestock.

Added Value: If we were looking at purchasing property, we’d see much value in an established bio-hedge. Planting one is a creative labor of love that also has its financial rewards.

Year-Round Beauty: Spring, summer, winter, fall - your lively bio-hedge is never static. Spring blossoms are followed by berries, seeds and vivid fall color. Winter also provides contrasting features such as red Dogwood bark against dark green Spruce branches.

Low Maintenance: A bio-hedge does not require perfect maintenance. Though initially requiring almost no care other than watering and weeding, once established, a once yearly pruning should suffice. Watering can usually be done with inexpensive, easy-to-install drip irrigation. Fencing is required to keep out hooved creatures until plants are well established.

See our current selection and pricing of windbreak and biohedge plants!

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