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Are you avoiding growing roses because in your experience they’re fussy, as in hybrid teas? Well it’s time to reconsider and take the plunge into the wonderful world of Montana hardy roses at Blake Nursery. Most are delightfully fragrant. In fall many have gorgeous, colorful hips that are an excellent food source for birds. Others have wine red stems that add interest to the winter landscape. Some are polite and delicate in form, while others are aggressive and make ferocious, massive hedges. Unlike hybrid teas these roses don’t need winter protection or pruning back in fall because they are not grafted, but rather grown on their own root. Here’s a primer on how to get the best results with the roses we offer:

Plant in plenty of sunshine, although a full day is not necessary in Montana. Provide wind protection (though good air circulation is essential to prevent fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and black spot.) With our state’s often intense summer sun we’ve found that a southeast-facing location, one that avoids brutal afternoon sun and drying winds, is ideal—flowers will last longer and plants will need less watering.


Roses, like teenagers, are heavy feeders, so provide them with ample nourishment by planting them in fertile, organic soil. (If your soil doesn’t naturally fit this description, it’s easy to amend with additives such as compost, peat moss and well-rotted manure.) Since roses hate wet feet be sure the soil is also well drained.

This is serious business because deer are passionate about roses. Deer repellents such as Liquid Fence, and fencing are the best lines of defense.

In most cases we recommend waiting until spring. Eliminate branches, or partial branches, that aren’t green and healthy, and prune to shape.

Variety Color Mature Height Hips
Austrian Copper Rose Orange/Yellow 6-7' Yes
Morden Sunrise Rose Orange/Yellow 2-3' No
Therese Bugnet Rose Pink 5-6' Yes
William Baffin Rose Pink 8-10' Yes
Woods Rose Pink 3-6' Yes
John Davis Rose Pink 5-6' No
Morden Blush Rose Pink 2-2.5' Yes
Morden Centennial Rose Pink 3-4' Yes
Nearly Wild Rose Pink 2-3' No
Redleaf Rose Pink 5-6' Yes
Sunrise-Sunset Rose Pink 2-3' No
Adelaide Hoodless Rose Red 2.5-3 Yes
Cuthbert Grant Rose Red 3-4' No
Henry Kelsey Rose Red 7-8' Yes
Hope for Humanity Rose Red 2-4' No
Blanche Double de Coubert Rose White 4-6' Yes
Henry Hudson Rose White 1.5-2' No
Marie Bugnet Rose White 3' Yes
High Voltage Rose Yellow 3-4' No
Harisons Yellow Rose Yellow 6' No

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