Spring 2020

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Fruit Trees

All plants must be picked up in person or delivered by nursery staff. We do not mail plants.

CHERRY, Evans: deep red 1" fruit; self-fertile tart pie cherry; one of the hardiest. (10')

CHERRY, Meteor: large, bright red fruit; self-fertile tart pie cherry; very hardy; loathes "wet feet"; small. (8-10')

Prices for most Cherries:
5-6' $89.95

CHERRY, North Star: dwarf, grows only 5-7'; self-fertile; very productive; like other cherries, loathes "wet feet".

CRABAPPLE, Dolgo: extremely hardy; dependable pollinator for other apple trees; bright red oval fruit produced annually that makes beautiful, clear jelly.

CRABAPPLE, Kerr:  a cross between a Dolgo crabapple and a Haralson apple, this tree is a heavy producer of larger sized, crisp red fruit great for fresh eating and jellies; abundant white flowers in spring makes it a great pollinator; a very cold hardy tree. 

Prices for most Crabapples:
6-7' $89.95

CRABAPPLE, Whitney: highly productive and popular heirloom variety, i.e. it's been around for a very long time; crisp, juicy fruit desirable for eating, pickling, and making beautiful, clear red jelly; excellent pollinator for other apple trees; very hardy.

PEACH, Contender: sweet, extra juicy fruit is an absolute delight for fresh eating, canning, baking, and freezing; self pollinating; ripens late August; hardiest for Montana. (12-15')

Prices for most Pears:
6-7' $89.95

PEAR, Parker, Patten and Ure: sweet, juicy dessert types; get heavier crops if have two varieties for good cross-pollination; very attractive, tidy, globe-shaped trees; hardiest for Montana.

PEAR, Summercrisp: most consistent producer in our area; fruit 3" long and 2" diameter is excellent quality; harvest late summer; fireblight resistant and hardy; abundant white spring flowers, beautiful upright branching, and uniform shape also make this an ideal ornamental tree; a Blake Nursery favorite. see another image

PlumPLUM, American: hardy, thicket-forming “wild” plum frequently used in wildlife plantings; seen throughout our area; drought resistant; showy flowers in early spring; fruit red or yellow; excellent pollinator. see another image

PLUM, Mount Royal: blue, European plum; excellent eating right off tree; also good for dessert, jam, and preserves; self-pollinating; very prolific bearer in our area; ripens late August.

Prices for most Plums:
6-7' $89.95

PLUM, Pembina, Tokaand Waneta (2): three of the hardiest, most productive Japanese-American plums; sweet fruit good for eating fresh, jam and preserves; all dependable in Montana; must plant near another plum for cross-pollination and better fruit production; Toka and American are excellent pollinators. (See Plum feature for more information.)

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