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Fabric Bags


In a continued effort to grow more plants at our nursery, compared to shipping them in from somewhere else, we’ve greatly increased our supply of trees and shrubs available in fabric bags. Besides being locally produced, these plants are noted for their robust growth and ease of planting. Believe us, there’s nothing pampered about their treatment here. In fact, they’re grown in an exposed, windy, and very tough environment so they’re prepared when you take them home for planting in equally challenging locations.

In case you’re not familiar with this growing technique, these trees and shrubs are grown in-ground at Blake Nursery in porous fabric bags. This method produces larger plants than those grown in pots, but often smaller than Balled & Burlaped. Fabric bag plants provide the benefits of a more mature tree or shrub in a convenient size, so they are easy to transport and install without heavy equipment. When visiting the nursery ask to see our awesome selection of fabric bag trees and shrubs—many of them are difficult to find, cast iron Montana natives.

Spring 2022 availability coming soon...


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