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Lobbying for Lindens

Topping our list of favorite trees for Montana is the stately Tilia, familiarly known as Linden. We especially appreciate Lindens in urban yards and along boulevards where perhaps a more uniform look is desirable. Surprisingly, Linden isn’t a name on the tip of most people’s tongue, but in our estimation it should be! During the past four decades Blake Nursery has experienced total success with this magnificant tree. Without exception.

Linden has several cultivars that grow well in Montana, including “Greenspire”, “Redmond” and “American Sentry”. All have slightly different characteristics such as mature height and width, but below we list some generic qualities.

Here’s why Blake Nursery lobbies for Lindens:

Redmond Linden

  • superb hardiness: -30 F is not a problem
  • superior shade: dense canopy of shiny, heart shaped leaves
  • superior shape: mostly pyramidal with ideal symmetry
  • straight trunks: making them choice for urban planting
  • transplant success
  • rapid, steady growth
  • fragrant flowers
  • drought and heat tolerance
  • lack of pests

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