Spring 2020

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Got the Kentucky Bluegrass Blues?

Blake Nursery Custom Native Grass Blend

Lawns currently cover 25 million acres in the U.S. A typical Kentucky Bluegrass lawn consumes up to 17,000 gallons of water in one summer and receives 3 - 20 pounds of fertilizer and 5 - 10 pounds of pesticides. Lawns are useful for specific purposes, such as play areas for children and backyard entertainment, but how much irrigated, costly, highly maintained lawn is needed or wanted? Why let mowing become a monumental chore? Consider instead attractive alternatives:

  • Drought tolerant native grass lawns: Blake Nursery will custom blend seed to fit your particular situation, taking into account soil, precipitation, function, and care. Mowing can be as often or as seldom as you want it to be! Little irrigation required.
  • Drought tolerant native prairies with native grass and wildflowers for areas that will need little to no mowing.
  • Drought tolerant native trees, shrubs, and perennials planted in beds (with or without weed barrier fabric) to decrease lawn size and thus water consumption and maintenance.

These alternatives can offer seasonal color and interest while attracting wildlife such as butterflies and songbirds into your landscape.

Blue Flax Meadow
Wildflower Meadow

This is an example of a Blake Nursery custom native grass and wildflower seed mix. It needs little watering and mowing. At the time this photo was taken the wildflower in bloom was Blue Flax. Other wildflowers bloom in succession.

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