Spring 2020

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Easy Care, Cold Hardy Roses

At our nursery, you'll find a vast selection of beautiful, low-maintenance, disease-resistant, hardy roses. We're too busy for fussy, tender hybrid tea roses that require TLC, and many of our customers are like-minded. So if you're in the market for pleasing varieties that can fend for themselves you'll be satisfied with what you find at Blake Nursery. 

Rose woods hips in September

Woods Rose hips in September

Sad to say not all roses are fragrant, but these hardy ones at Blake Nursery won't disappoint your olfactory sense: 'Morden Blush', 'Morden Sunrise', 'Austrian Copper, 'Cuthbert Grant', 'Adelaide Hoodless', and 'Therese Bugnet'.

Showy hips - actually rose fruits - add extra interest to hardy roses by feeding birds in winter and adding color to the landscape. Here are our favorite hip producing roses: 'Red-Leaf', 'Woods', 'Adelaide Hoodless', and 'Theresa Bugnet'.

Rose Austrian Copper close up

Austrian Copper

RoseAdelaideHoodless 1430325438

Adelaide Hoodless

Rose Blanche Double de Coubert

Blanche Double de Coubert 

RoseCuthbertGrant 1430325489

Cuthbert Grant

Rose Harrisons Yellow 6 17 09

Harisons Yellow

RoseHopeforHumanity 1430327616

Hope for Humanity

 RoseMordenBlushinSeptember3 1430328208

Morden Blush

RoseMordenSunrise 1430325592

Morden Sunrise 

RoseNearlyWild2 1430325754

Nearly Wild 

 Rose Theresa Bugnet 2

Therese Bugnet

Rose Redleaf 

Red-Leaf Rose

Rose William Baffin 

William Baffin

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