Spring 2020

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Creative Landscaping

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Check out our Landscape & Design Services and please email or call us to request a landscape questionnaire. 

Plant Care Sheets

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Check out our printable planting and watering handouts for instructions and tips to get your plants off to a great start!

Job Listings

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Join our team! Check out our Job Listings for the upcoming season.



Native Plants

Starting in 1977, Blake Nursery was one of the first retail nurseries in Montana to promote native plants--that emphasis continues today. Often these plants take less water and are more adaptable to site conditions specific to our area, such as high alkalinity, and therefore require fewer inputs. In addition, planting what is native helps keep Montana looking like Montana! What more could you ask for?

Locally-sourced Plants 

Many of our plants are grown at the nursery in-ground for several years before they are harvested and sold. (See fabric bags for up-to-date availability.) Others, particularly native plants, are grown from cuttings we do at the nursery. We also purchase many plants from Montana wholesale nurseries. Combined, these practices reduce the fossil fuels required to ship the plants we sell.

Plastic Pot Recycling Program

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, Blake Nursery will recycle your plastic pots. We accept two types of pots for recycling:

High Density Polyethelene, or Blow-molded. These pots have thin walls and a soft, flexible lip. They often have vertical or horizontal ridges on the sides. We accept 1 gallon to 10 gallon sizes that are black in color. These sizes can be distinguished by writing on the bottom, example: "100 series"= 1 gallon; "200 series"= 2 gallon; "300 series"= 3 gallon. They should also have a #2 recycling logo on the bottom.

Polypropelyne, or Injection-molded. These pots are more heavy duty. They have smooth sides and a sturdier lip. We accept 1 gallon to 20 gallon sizes that are black in color. These pots should have a #2 recycling logo on the bottom.

Pots should be delivered to the nursery, unless a pick-up location has been pre-arranged, and meet the above requirements. Please give your pots a quick rinse to remove mud, rocks and soil before dropping them off.  We will not accept broken or cracked pots.

Solar Panels

This 5.5 kW grid-tie system was installed in January 2013 on top of our main shop. It offsets nursery and ranch power needs.


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