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Jackman Clematis

CLEMATIS: just give them a trellis and these vigorous vines with showy flowers will really go to town; many colors to choose from. (10-15')
Varieties include Ernest Markham (magenta-red), Gypsy Queen (purple), Jackman (purple), Monte Cassino (reddish purple), Nelly Moser (light pink flower with reddish center), Rouge Cardinal (rich red), Scartho Gem (light pink with deep pink center band), Comtesse de Bouchaud (pink).

Size Price
3" $9.95
1 gal $15.95


  • Plant clematis in moist, well-drained soil. Add organic matter to hole at time of planting.
  • East facing wall is preferable because it's out of the prevailing wind and provides adequate sunlight.
  • Mulch roots with organic matter. Keep roots moist.
  • Train on a trellis.
  • Fertilize every four weeks May through July.

HONEYSUCKLE, Dropmore tall-growing climber ready to adorn a trellis, post or whatever with orange-red, trumpet-shaped flowers from June-Dropmore HoneysuckleSeptember. We think it's fabulous and so do hummingbirds; very hardy (10-15'). See other pictures [ 1 ]

Size Price
1 gal $15.95
2 gal $25.95

IVY, Virginia Creeper and Engelman Ivy: rapid growing vines; deep burgundy-red autumn foliage; very hardy; berries loved by birds; Engelman best for covering masonry. (30-40')

Size Price
1 gal $15.95
2 gal $25.95


LamiumAt Blake Nursery we've got delightful ground cover plants for every location, from moist shade to dry sun, from steep slopes to accenting your favorite perennial planting. Some are real troopers that can survive in tough circumstances, while others are more delicate. Many have beautiful flowers and fragrance. Another attraction is that many ground covers are low maintenance so once they fill in there's no weeding or fussy care.

KinniKinnickFor covering large areas they’re available on special request in 2.5” pots in flats of 32 plants for just $79.95, or you can buy larger plants in 4” up to 2 gallon pots. We have a wealth of ground cover plants. As with other perennials, by using the internet or catalog coupon,get up to 5 free plants!

Including Lamium, Ajuga, Wooly Thyme, Elfin Thyme, Creeping Phlox, Sedum, Sweet Woodruff, Periwinkle, Dianthus, Hens and Chicks, Veronica, Bunchberry Dogwood, Kinnikinnick and more!