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Ornamental Shrubs

Shrubs generally are priced as follows, with some exceptions:

1 gal...$15.95
2 gal...$21.95-$29.95
3 gal...$32.95-$37.95
5 gal...$39.95-$44.95
7 gal...$49.95-$54.95

All plants must be picked up in person at Blake Nursery in Big Timber, MT or delivered by nursery staff. Sorry, we do not mail plants.

ALMOND, Russian: medium to large size shrub with pink blooms in early spring; hairy fruit attract wildlife; wonderful red fall foliage. (6') See another picture

BARBERRY, Burgundy  and Ruby Carousel: burgundy-purple leaves add contrast in the landscape; small, inconspicuous yellow flowers; bright red berries in fall attract birds; needs sun and moist, well-drained soils. (3’)

BARBERRY, Cabernet and Concorde: dwarf, globe shaped shrubs with deep purple leaves, new growth is red giving the plant a glowing effect; low maintenance and tolerates a wide variety of soils; always a show stopper. (2-3’)

BARBERRY, Emerald Carousel: other than its prickly spines we can only rave about this plant - beautiful yet not commonly grown; very hardy; outstanding red fall foliage that persists; yellow flowers and bright red berries; attractive shape - rounded with arching branches. (4-5')

BARBERRY, Jade Carousel: compact, dense form; red berries through winter; scarlet/orange fall foliage; a truly delightful plant. (3') See another picture

BUFFALOBERRY, Silver: silver-leafed, thorny shrub with orange-red fruits used for jellies...birds love them too! Suitable for a natural landscape setting; to assure fruit production, plant at least three. (8-12') See another picture (Read more about Silver Buffaloberry)

CARAGANA, Globe: very compact, carefree, tidy shrub with attractive green foliage; extremely hardy. (2-3')

CARAGANA, Siberian Peashrub: yellow flowers in early summer; a favorite of hummingbirds; delicate leaves; withstands drought and alkaline soils better than most shrubs; makes nice hedge; very hardy. (12-15')

CARYOPTERIS, Dark Knight: blooms late summer with fragrant, purple flowers; silvery-green foliage; loved by butterflies; drought-tolerant. (2-3') See another picture

CHOKEBERRY, Aronia: continuous display of ornamental splendor; white flowers in May followed by black berries; leaves glossy green in spring/summer, turning a brilliant red in fall; not to be confused with chokecherry as they are quite different. (4-6')

CHOKECHERRY: attractive large plant with fruit coveted by our "fine feathered friends" as well as ourselves; purple-red fruit makes excellent jelly, syrup and wine; extremely hardy; vibrant fall foliage; ideal for natural landscaping. (15-25') See another picture; [2]

COTONEASTER, Cranberry: a delightful, low growing shrub; small, shiny leaves, delicate pink flowers in spring followed by red berries in late summer/fall; ideal for tucking into a small space in your shrub bed. (2-3')

COTONEASTER, Hedge: dark green glossy leaves turn red in fall; black fruit; fast growing attractive hedge; very hardy. (8-10')

CURRANT, Alpine: makes a great hedge - responds well to shearing; grows happily in sun or shade; very hardy. (4-5')

CURRANT, Green Mound: leafs out early providing spring greenery; yellow flowers in the spring; makes a beautiful, low, dense hedge; responds well to shearing but requires little pruning; grows well in sun, also a great choice for shade; very hardy. (3-4')

CURRANT, Golden: see Vegetable & Fruit Plants

DAPHNE, Carol Mackie: small, compact shrub with variegated foliage; fragrant pink flowers. (2-3') See another picture

DOGWOOD, Alleman's Compact: smaller form of Red-Twigged Dogwood; red berries in late summer; deep wine red stems for winter impact. (4-5') See another picture

DOGWOOD, Bud's Yellow: yellow-stemmed dogwood combines with Red-Twigged Dogwoods for maximum winter impact. (8-10')

DOGWOOD, Isanti: similar to Red-Twigged in all ways except smaller size, more dense and spreading to 8'. (5-6')

DOGWOOD, Red-twigged: attractive all year; white flowers in spring; berries for birds in autumn, brilliant, red bark in winter, takes partial shade. (8-10')

DOGWOOD, Variegated Ivory Halo: similar to other red-twigged varieties but more compact and exciting; green leaves with creamy-white margins make this an especially elegant plant. (5-6') See another photo

FORSYTHIA, Northern Gold: bright yellow flowers in early spring before leaves emerge; very hardy. (6-7')

HONEYSUCKLE, Emerald Mound: yellow spring flowers; red berries; very attractive, low spreading plant; very hardy. (4-6' spread / 2-3' ht.)

HONEYSUCKLE, Honeyrose: deep red flowers in May followed by red berries; easy to grow in most soils; very hardy; makes a wonderful hedge. (10')

Annabelle Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea

HYDRANGEA, Annabelle: beautiful, white flowering shrub that thrives in shade; large flowers bloom from mid summer to frost; low growing with rounded shape. (3') See another picture

HYDRANGEA, Endless Summer: blue to pink flowers in summer; great in part shade; needs protection from cold winters. (3')

HYDRANGEA, Tardiva: white flowers in long pointed clusters; late season bloomer; great for part shade; mid-size. (6-8') See another picture

HYDRANGEA, Pink Diamond: pink flowers in long pointed clusters; late season bloomer; dark green leaves; great for part shade; mid-size. (6-8') See another picture

HYDRANGEA, Vanilla Strawberry: large conical clusters of white flowers turning deep pink; blooms from late summer to early fall. (6-8')


Ornamental Shrubs

Shrubs generally are priced as follows, with some exceptions:

1 gal...$15.95
2 gal...$21.95-$29.95
3 gal...$32.95-$37.95
5 gal...$39.95-$44.95
7 gal...$49.95-$54.95

LILAC, Common: this is the lilac you see most often, with delicate, fragrant purple flowers in May; makes excellent hedge; very hardy. We also have white flowering common lilac. (12-15') More images:[1]

French Hybrid Lilacs

From bottom center in light pink clockwise: Beauty of Moscow, Common Purple, Katherine Havemeyer, Primrose, President Lincoln and Ludwig Spaeth.

Read more about Lilacs to Die For!

LILAC, Donald Wyman: non-suckering, extremely hardy Canadian hybrid; extends lilac season since lavender flowers appear two weeks later than common lilac; ideal for hedge. (8-10')

LILAC, Dwarf Korean: spectacular, dwarf variety; profuse blooms at an early age; flowers are violet purple; foliage is delicate and very attractive; superb plant for its tidiness; Need we say more? (4-5')

LILAC, French Hybrid: most beautiful of all lilacs with large very fragrant blooms; non-suckering; hardy; many exquisite varieties: Beauty of Moscow: double light pink; Charles Joly: double reddish purple;Katherine Havemeyer: double lavender pink; Ludwig Spaeth: reddish purple; Monge: reddish purple; President Grevy: double lilac blue; President Lincoln: true blue; Primrose: creamy yellow; Sensation: purple with white edge.

LILAC, Minuet: Canadian introduction; light purple flower buds opening to soft, whitish pink; very hardy - will survive where other lilacs won't. (6-8')

LILAC, Miss Canada: bright pink flowers appear mid to late June - we enjoy extending the lilac season with these profuse, late-blooming plants; non-suckering; vigorous and extremely hardy. (6-9')

LILAC, Miss Kim: hardy, dwarf form from Korea; compact growth habit; dark glossy green foliage turns burgundy red in fall; fragrant pale lilac flowers bloom when other lilacs have finished. (6')

LILAC, Mount Baker: blooms early with abundant single white blossoms. (10-12')

MAPLE, Amur: Bailey Compact (7-9') and Emerald Elf (5-6'): very hardy shrub it would be hard to dislike; fragrant flowers; brilliant red fall foliage; graceful, spreading branches; disease-free; seeds attract birds. See Tree section for full size plants.

MOCKORANGE, Blizzard: beloved for their white, extremely fragrant flowers and hardiness. Blizzard, a selection of our native mockorange, blooms profusely and is extremely hardy. (4-5')

NINEBARK, Red Leafed: Diablo (8'), Little Devil (3-4') and Summerwine (5-6'): very hardy varieties; whitish pink flowers in spring followed by red fruit in summer; maroon summer foliage; low maintenance, pest free shrubs that provide excellent contrast in the landscape.

NINEBARK, Nanus: compact shrub with green foliage in summer; white flowers in spring followed by red fruit; tolerant of shady locations (4') See another picture

POTENTILLA, Cinquefoil: a profusion of yellow, white or pink blooms on compact bushy plants from summer to autumn; very hardy; many varieties to choose from, including Abbottswood: white (3'); Gold Drop: golden yellow (2'); Jackman: deep yellow (4'); Katherine Dykes: soft yellow (3'); Pink Beauty: pink (2'); Yellow Gem: bright yellow (2' ).

RABBITBRUSH: Native woody shrub with attractive silver foliage; masses of yellow flowers in fall complement a variety of fall blooming asters; perfect addition to the drought garden. (2-4') See another picture

Rose, Morden Centennial

Morden Centennial Rose

ROSE: chosen for excellent flowers - most plants are everblooming, and all are hardy; no need to fuss over them in the winter! All plants are grown on their own root, no grafting.  PINK: BonicaWilliam Baffin, Winnipeg Parks, Redleaf Rose, Sunrise Sunset, John DavisMorden Centennial, Nearly WildTheresa Bugnet Rose (more Theresa Bugnet images: [1])Wood's Rose. RED: Adelaide Hoodless (more Adelaide Hoodless images: [1], [2]), Hope for Humanity, Winnipeg Parks. WHITE: Marie Bugnet, Morden Blush. YELLOW: Austrian Copper (yellow/orange) (more Austrian Copper images: [1]Morden Sunrise, Harrison's Yellow (more Harrison's Yellow images: [1])

ROSE TREE OF CHINA, Prunus triloba: if you love pink-flowering almonds, but are discouraged by their lack of hardiness, try this! Beautiful double pink blossoms on a vigorous plant. (6-10')

SAGEBRUSH: Native plant with aromatic silver foliage; highly drought tolerant; native varieties include Silver Sagebrush (3'), and Big Sagebrush (3-6').

SANDCHERRY, Purpleleaf: an outstanding plant for purple-red leaf color, fragrant pink flowers, and all-round attractiveness; excellent accent plant; very hardy. (6-8') see another image

SANDCHERRY, Western: fragrant white flowers in spring; purple-black edible fruit attract songbirds; silver green foliage turns red-purple in fall; drought resistant and extremely hardy Montana native. (5-6') 'Pawnee Buttes' is a groundcover selection only 18" high spreading 4-6', for large areas or banks.

Ornamental Shrubs

Shrubs generally are priced as follows, with some exceptions:

1 gal... $15.95
2 gal... $21.95-$29.95
3 gal... $32.95-$37.95
5 gal... $39.95-$44.95
7 gal... $49.95-$54.95

SERVICEBERRY: outstanding native shrub with beautiful, graceful form; showy white flowers; black, sweet fruit that birds will devour if you don’t; attractive orange fall folliage; drought tolerant; Blake Nursery favorite. (8-10') See also serviceberry feature.

SILVERBERRY: extremely hardy silver-leafed native shrub; small fragrant yellow flowers; silver-green berries enjoyed by birds; native to river banks and moist slopes, but tolerates drought and poor soils; excellent alternative to Russian OIive if you like attractive silver foliage. (6-12')

SNOWBERRY: large, white berries follow dainty pink flowers; excellent plant for moist, shady areas; very hardy. (4-6')

SPIREA, Daphne: delicate, creeping shrub with 2-3' spread; makes a refined, tidy groundcover; dainty pink flowers; one of our favorites. (1')

SPIREA, Dwarf Garland: dwarf shrub with fine textured foliage; white fountains of flowers in the spring. (4-5')

SPIREA, Fairy Queen: superior foundation plant for small space; tidy shape with dark green lobed leaves and masses of white flowers. (3')

SPIREA, Fritschiana: Large clusters of white flowers; pleasingly mounded, tidy habit; purplish fall foliage; not well known yet it's one of our favorite plants; very hardy. (2-3')

SPIREA, Froebel: flat clusters of bright pink flowers in May-June; beautiful red leaves in autumn; similar to all Blake Nursery spireas, it's very hardy. (3-4') see another image

SPIREA, Goldflame: spring foliage bright gold, turning green in summer and radiant copper-orange by fall; covered with light crimson flowers; colorful dwarf shrub; irresistible! (2-3')

SPIREA, Grefsheim: flowers early spring; delicate arching branches covered with beautiful white flowers; one of our favorites. (4-6')

SPIREA, Japanese White: special because of its July-August blooming; low shrub with white flowers in flat clusters; blooms on new wood, so prune in fall or early spring; very appealing. (2')

SPIREA, Little Princess: a refined, tidy plant with dainty pink flowers; irresistible once you see it! Dark red fall foliage. (2')

SPIREA, Renaissance: graceful arching branches covered in spring with a profusion of white flowers; very hardy. (5-7')

SPIREA, Superstar: compact form of Froebel; pink summer flowers; new foliage opens red, then turns green; bronze fall foliage is a knockout. (2-3')

SPIREA, Tor Birchleaf: very hardy compact shrub; white flowers in the spring; orange and red fall foliage; one of our favorites! (2-3')

SPIREA, False-leaf 'Sem': compact form of the larger False-leaf Spirea, this one has new growth that is a stunning orange and red turning to shades of green; white blossoms in summer; a great plant for shady places. (3-4')

SUMAC, Gro-Low: fragrant flowers attracting butterflies adorn this low growing sumac; red, hairy fruits appeal to birds; spectacular scarlet fall foliage; wide spreading, suckering, thus great choice for groundcover on banks or large areas. (2.5') see another image

SUMAC, Tri-lobe: superior Montana native plant noted for hardiness, wildlife cover, drought tolerance, and excellent fall color; aka Skunkbush Sumac. (3-4') see another image

Viburnum, Blue Muffin

Blue Muffin Viburnum

Read more about Vibrant Viburnums!

VIBURNUM, Blue Muffin: compact variety with abundant white flowers; bright blue berries in summer; serrated leaves gives added summer interest; yellow fall foliage. (5-7')

VIBURNUM, Mohican: large, white flower clusters, red berries turn black and feed birds; prefers well drained soil; very handsome and hardy; compact variety. (6-8') see another image

VIBURNUM lentago, Nannyberry: fabulous, informal and uncommon; white flowers; blue-black fruit good winter food for birds; foliage striking red in fall; sun or shade; extremely hardy. (20')

WILLOW, Dwarf Blue Arctic: large shrub with fine blue leaves and purplish twigs in winter; prefers moist soils. (6')

YUCCA glauca: Native evergreen shrub; sword-like leaves arise from a clump; white flowers on a 2-3 ft. stalk; deer resistant. (2-4') See another image