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Landscape Questionnaire

If you are interested in coming to the nursery for a landscape consultation, a landscape consultation at your home or a landscape design/installation, please complete our Landscape Questionnaire. We will contact you to schedule a date to meet. Thank you.

Date: November 27, 2014, 6:12 pm
  First Name: *
  Last Name: *
Mailing Address:
  Address Line1: *
  Address Line2:
  City: *
  State: *
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Physical Address:
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Work you are interested in:
  Landscape consultation at Blake Nursery (complete #6, #7 and #8)
  Landscape consultation only at your site (complete #6, #7 and #8)
  Landscape consultation and sketch at your site(complete #6, #7 and #8)
  Landscape consultation and design at your site(complete #6 and #9): our designer can give you an estimate for completing the design at the consultation
  Landscape consultation, design and installation at your site(complete all questions): after you approve the design you will receive an estimate for plants, materials and labor to install the landscape.
6. Help Us Help You:
a. Please try to create a vision of how you would like your property to look. This can include photos of mature landscapes you like.
b. If they exist, please have site plans, architectural plans etc available.
c. Consider what size lawn you will have. This is the area you will mow and irrigate. You may want other grass areas too but may prefer to leave these areas unmowed and unirrigated.
d. Consider windbreaks, privacy screenings and views that you want to protect.
e. Consider the sun exposure of the site(s) you would like landscaped: morning sun/afternoon shade; all day sun; morning shade/afternoon sun
f. Will you have outdoor recreation areas such as patios, barbecues etc.
Yes No
g. Do you prefer to irrigate ornamental plants?
moderately as little as possible
h. What is your soil type?
sandy clay loam (a healthy mix of clay and sand)
i. At what elevation is the landscape site?
j. Would you like your landscape to attract wildlife?
birds hummingbirds butterflies?
k. Do you live at this home year-round?
If not, what time of year are you usually at this home?

l. Do you prefer a “tidy” landscape i.e. plants that do not produce berries or cones?
7. Preferred dates (if possible, we will consolidate your job with another in your area and prorate travel time and mileage):

This question does not apply to you if you are meeting with us at the nursery.
8. Please give directions to your home:

This question does not apply to you if you are meeting with us at the nursery.
9. Please describe access to area where plants will be unloaded (eg: easy access for a truck and trailer to turn around)
10. Is there equipment available on site for unloading large plants? If so, please specify equipment type
11. Please describe access to the planting area for equipment (eg: Can we drive over existing lawn? Are gates in any fences large enough for equipment to get through?):
12. Other comments/special requirements (eg: caretaker’s phone number, gate password etc...)
Please type in the characters that you see in the image into the verification box. This helps delete unwanted advertisement submissions and accept legitimate inquiries.
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